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Raise awareness and assess risk

Businesses small and large have fallen prey to phishing attacks that may have been triggered by just one person within an organisation clicking a scam email.
Now is the time to assess your risk and raise awareness of these complex and ever-more convincing cyber phishing attacks.
ULCC's phishing service not only tests your staff but provides a comprehensive report on your exposure.

Assess and protect

We recognise the value of protecting digital assets, data and customer perception. In response to the rising risk of attack and impact within our own organisation, we developed a simulated phishing attack to raise awareness and provide a platform for staff training. We have reduced our risk of exposure and now offer the same solutions for you.

The benefits

  • Raises awareness of phishing attacks
  • Helps users identify and avoid phishing attempts
  • Reinforces organisations security policies and processes
  • Quickly identifies employees who are susceptible to phishing attempts
  • Empowers users to own and report on potential phishing incidents
  • Report and analyse how your company’s vulnerability to phishing improves over time
  • Reduces risk of exposure to attacks and related security incidents
  • Saves time, money and reputational damage of a phishing attack
"My job is to ensure the University of London's vast infrastructure is fit for purpose, reliable, resilient and secure. Our phishing service was a great sense check and allowed us to deploy rapid security training where it was needed most."
Steve Knibbs,  Head of Infrastructure Services, ULCC
"15% of staff members clicked on ULCC's simulated attack, which is a worrying statistic. Thanks to this exercise we have a better understanding of our degree of human factor vulnerability and are taking steps to increase awareness of this cyber threat. I look forward to seeing the results of the next test.”
Steve Terrill, IT Security and Business Continuity Manager

How much does it cost?

Our prices are based on the numbers of staff, the percentage you wish to be involved in the test and the number of simulations you wish to carry out.
Prices from £495